Chantiers Vandernotte

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Chantiers Vandernotte

Message par eiger » 12 04 2009 14:43

We have heard that the son of Vandernotte, Nantes is re-opening a shipyard
and that he has all of his fathers records?

Can anybody help with a contact.

EIGER, built 1961,



Message par slevante » 10 05 2009 12:30

Dear Friend,

Some of the original drawings and plans by Eugene Cornu are collected at the Musée de la Marine in Paris.
Unfortunately, as I could see, they don't seem to have any record on EIGER nor their first owners (the items are not clearly classified, so you could check again : ... _cornu.pdf)

Perhaps you should take some time to send us some pictures of your boat (inside, outside), she might have a sistership, or some resemblance with others Cornu designs.

good luck,

Stéphane Levante (
BAMBI, 1948
cruiser 24 pieds de flottaison

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